Callie Bridges

SEO Writer


Very cold all the time, but has a warm heart. AKA as Callie Bear.

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I’m Callie (aka Callie Bear!) and I help with the content writing for Five Dog Solutions. I grew up south of Amarillo on a little farm and my love for writing began as a child. I spent a lot of my time submitting entries into writing contests and I excelled in composition courses throughout the years. As an adult I have explored careers in other industries but eventually found that writing is my passion. I’ve worked in the automotive industry, as well as the construction industry, but truly feel at home working with Five Dog Solutions. I enjoy writing articles for the websites as well as creative writing when I get inspiration. Five Dog Solutions uses my capabilities to write for their clients’ websites to help gain more traffic to their pages.

I love everyone at Five Dog Solutions, and Buck has created a wholesome environment in the office. We all make a great team and we tackle obstacles while still enjoying one another. Buck and his wife, Sharon, even gave me a blanket with my name on it to keep me warm (as well as a little floor heater) since I’m always the cold one in the office!

As a mother, I enjoy spending time with my son, traveling to new places, and exploring the outdoors. My son and I love to play outside together with our dog, Snowshoe. One of our favorite places to go is Palo Duro Canyon. We are always looking for new adventures to keep us busy and refreshed.

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