Julian Jacquez

SEO Lead Developer


Known by many names: Juju, Mole, Baby Mojito etc.

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My Experience

Hi, my name is Julian. I was born and raised in Dumas, TX. After graduating from Dumas High School I moved to Amarillo. I went to school at Amarillo College and studied Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in programming. During my journey at Amarillo College I was a student officer of Bash Script Crazy Technology club, member of phi theta kappa, and member of the esports team. I worked as a CIS Lab staff member helping other students with Microsoft Office applications. I also was a summer teacher teaching technology to young kids. During my time at Amarillo College I was able to meet a lot of new people in my field, complete my degree and I was even awarded Outstanding Major for Computer Information Systems. During the end of my two years at AC a friend referred me to Five Dog Solutions who was needing help at the time. I was then interviewed and hired on!

My Personal Life

In my free time I really enjoy working out, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. I like researching health and wellness and I’m constantly trying new things to improve my diet and workouts. Currently I’m exploring new methods of stretches and I’m always looking for new foods that are low calorie and high in protein. For video games I play a lot of PC games. Mostly a lot of multiplayer games. I also participate in local smash bros tournaments every Friday when possible. When hanging out with friends I do a lot of different things such as D&D, Pokémon TCG and even make music.

What I do at Five Dog Solutions

At Five Dog Solutions I manage multiple clients and foresee a clients project from start to finish. I work with each client on a weekly basis until their site is launched. I conduct research for their industry, build the sitemap, and also design the site. I’m also responsible for learning and staying up to date with any new technologies that Five Dogs might want to dip their toes in. I’m an expert in E-commerce development and also work on any spanish speaking clients / websites we may have. I have loved my time at Five Dogs Solutions because I have been able to learn a lot in the realm of client relations and time management. I love to make friends with new clients and see their business develop. Please give us a call if you’re interested in a website or cultivating your business to new heights!

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