Tyler Hardin

SEO Project Manager


Office Pickle and hoodie enthusiast. Known for his short naps.

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Hi, I’m Pickle from Five Dog Solutions! I’m 22 years old and a local from Amarillo. However, I come from a military and have moved around quite a bit, but ended up back home in the Texas Panhandle. When we came back we settled in Claude TX and that’s where I lived the majority of my life. Once I graduated I packed my things and headed to Amarillo & enrolled in Amarillo College. There I got my Welding Degree but if you couldn’t tell by now I’m not a welder. Through life I’ve ended up here at Five Dog Solutions with no experience and have grown in the company all the way up to General Manager. Throughout my life I’ve tried many many things and now I have a plethora of hobbies! Things I enjoy: Playing video games, playing card & face to face games, snowboarding, tennis, making music, playing drums, drawing, painting, anything fantasy or sci-fi, and HOODIES! Hoodies are my favorite piece of clothing, I enjoy all things streetwear & fashion. Though you might not be able to tell if you come in and see me at work, you will for sure find me in a hoodie of somesort.

I get asked about my job all the time and there’s a couple quick answers such as, I build websites or I do online marketing but if they ask anything else it gets deep quick! Because at Five Dog Solutions we do sooooo much more! We can do everything from building a small website to guiding and building a company from conception to success and everything in between. I’m the general manager here at Five Dogs so I dip into every project and every aspect of running the business. I do have a few clients I specifically work on but my main mission is to help my team with each client they have and to keep everything running smoothly whether it’s day to day or inputting in big company decisions.

There are so many things I like about this company. My biggest and go-to answer to what I like about it is the work environment. Buck, my boss, has created the most judgement free, zero drama, lax work environment while still keeping everything running efficiently and staying on top of things. The next biggest thing I enjoy about this company is the amount of things you can learn here. Like I said previously we have the ability to take a business from conception to success and to be able to do that we have to know all the ins & outs of what it takes to start a company, run it, market it, expand and evolve. The skill to be able to take any idea, turn it into a business and make it work is invaluable. Buck has instilled in us the skills needed to start our own businesses or to take my skills anywhere and be an extremely valuable asset to the company. There are many other aspects I enjoy about this job, but I’m only going to list one more and that is the family we have at Five Dogs. From our team to our clients there is real care and concern for everyone. If we ever need anything personally we can go talk to anyone and they’ll be there to help no matter what. We like to create a network of real friends and family here at Five Dogs and that is one of the most rare things you can find in any job.

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