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Lead Nurturing Marketing in Amarillo

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Lead Nurturing Marketing in Amarillo | Five Dog Solutions

What is Lead Nurture Marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a process that Five Dog Solutions will set in place in order to capture the names and emails of specific individuals who are looking to purchase your products or services. Five Dog Solutions can then hand over the data to you to turn those leads into potential buyers of your products.

How does lead nurturing work with marketing automation?

The information that is gathered from these leads, depending on how your forms collect the information (at least a name and a valid email address), can be stored as a particular group to allow you to reach out to them after a specific time period if they have not purchased anything from you. This process of reaching out to potential buyers after they have filled out a form is called lead nurturing and is one of the main components of marketing automation.

What is lead nurturing? 

Lead nurturing is one of the aspects for inbound marketing that is provided by Five Dog Solutions. Lead nurturing is not about direct sales, but more about educating the clients and prospects about the options they have and the knowledge that they will need to make the decision to purchase your product. To build an effective website marketing campaign you will need:

An Email list

Email auto responder will help you gather leads from the traffic on your website to help you build your email list. Ensure that it is a high-quality list as most of the time consumers of services do it on trial and error basis. If you are not constantly updating your email list, you could compromise your credibility.

A Target persona (Target Demographics) 

In order to get more from your campaign, you need to have a given target group in mind and be considering the following: what questions do they have, what do they want to learn or what is their persona? The more you understand them, the easier it will be to create a lead nurturing campaign directed to them.

Informative Content

Your aim is to educate, so the content needs to be helpful and able to lead to action. The content in your website needs to be reviewed regularly to be fresh. Do not assume that your leads know what they need from your product or service. This means you have to provide information that is valuable to them which will help you build campaigns that speak to their needs and you can add value more than your competitors.

What are the steps to building effective lead nurturing campaigns?

There are a number of steps that you should follow when developing a lead nurturing campaign to get the highest results. A process that is followed by Five Dog Solutions is provided below:

Plan your emails and set objectives

The first thing you need to understand is that you will be sending content and not sales pitches. Pick offers that will be appealing to your audience/leads with the intention of the leads moving further down your sales funnel till they are close to becoming clients/customers.

Create emails

Every email should have a purpose and should not be written without the understanding of the call to action and goals of each. The emails in the sequence are different but should have the same order of:

     Subject line

     Email headline

     Email body

     Link with unique URL tracking

     Script with a call to action tagged


Socialize your lead nurturing campaign

Load the offers and emails into your website, and in order to get new leads you can use social media platforms. Let your LinkedIn, Google Business, Facebook, and Twitter followers be aware of the offers on your website.

Set time-lines for the emails

There is a sales cycle for your business, and this should also apply to your lead nurturing campaigns. In the lead nurturing campaign, it will be ideal to send the prospects 2 or 3 emails and space the emails accordingly. When building the campaign, remember that patience is a virtue. Do not rush into the sale, but let nature take its course.

Evaluate success

As your lead nurturing campaigns run, experiment with the offers that you are sending, call to actions and subject lines. Take advantage of experimentation and testing to nurture your leads better. When done correctly, lead nurturing can bring in leads that you otherwise would have been unable to reach.

Why is lead nurturing important to your business?

Remember that your prospects are not the same, and it is important that you communicate with your target persona in the way that they prefer. You will be able to achieve this by constantly adjusting your lead nurturing messages.

You will also need to use different landing pages, so as to send your prospects to the right pages in your website for more of your information. With the information that the marketing team gathers about potential leads from contact forms, you will be able to build a more effective lead nurturing campaign with the primary goal of converting more leads into sales.

Come by and visit with Five Dog Solutions to see where you can improve within your inbound marketing strategies, and in particular, your lead nurturing in marketing campaigns.