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Five Dog Solutions is your locally owned and operated Amarillo Online Marketing Company. Our company was started in 2014, and has over 24 years of experience in the world wide web & SEO industry. We are rated the #1 Web Development Firm in Amarillo, Texas. SEO Amarillo.

Amarillo SEO Firm

SEO in Amarillo Texas is different from any other location in the world. SEO in Amarillo relies on the handshake of potential clients. They come to your site looking to see who they are doing business with. It is called a virtual handshake. Knowing what the potential client is looking at helps us to give the browser what they need to become a client.

Steps to Great SEO

Just having a website is only 10% of what you need online to be successful.

Steps to Great SEO in Amarillo | Five Dog Solutions

Website Structure 50 %

The Structure of your website is half the battle when trying to rank your website.

Website Design 10%

Website represents only 10% of what you need online to be successful.

Social Media Marketing 10%

Social Media should represent 10% of your conversions online.

Online Marketing 15%

Online Marketing represents  15% of all your efforts for your online presence. Form Analytics to Demographic Targeting.

Correct SEO Placement 15%

Placing the correct SEO pieces on your website and off of your website

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Our SEO Experts

Buck Buckley

Buck Buckley

Owner / SEO Architect

Founder and owner of
Five Dog Solutions.

Sharon Buckley

Sharon Buckley

Social Director

Facebook runs in her blood. Graphic design and social posts.

Darius Smith


Darius is also known as "Targarion"
Website Development

SEO Project Manager and Web Design Director