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Social Page Platforms | Five Dog Solutions

Social Media Tools Summary

Five Dog Solutions utilizes the following five social media tools to help you and your company achieve a steady, higher growth in the number of visitors to your website. Five Dog Solutions also works towards achieving a higher number of leads both through your website as well as through individuals finding your contact information and visiting your company website or one of your social locations. Five Dog Solutions works to help you market the products or services offered by your company to your followers so that you are able to see a growth in your online reputation.

Google Business

When you decide to use Google Business, you are not only going to gain preference for your professional appearance, but also for your personal appearance on the Internet. There are 12.6 billion searches, or roughly 69% of all searches, that are conducted on Google’s search engine. A verified Google Business page gives you additional growth through Google’s search engine. You will be able to enter in your personal information that will allow other individuals and businesses to get to know you and what products or services your company has to offer. Google Business also offers you the ability to use other sources that will allow you to promote your business and where you are located, whether it is one location or multiple locations. Through these other sources, you will also be able to promote the products and/or services that you and your business offer to the community. Google Business also offers a service that will allow you to put together an event or a “hangout” that you would be able to use to promote your company and the products or services that are offered when you are a customer for your company.


LinkedIn is in the top two when it comes to researching the owner or operator of a company. You are able to find out a variety of information about not only the owner of the company, but you can also find out the needed information from the LinkedIn business page. LinkedIn has approximately 332 million members and every 2 seconds, there are an additional two members. The personal side of LinkedIn allows you, as the owner/operator of the company, to promote yourself and your activities outside of the company, such as volunteer work, organizations that you support, and any certifications or patents that you hold. LinkedIn works so that you are able to connect with other individuals and they are also able to find you and your company. You can also find the business pages of more than 4 million companies which will allow you to see what that company has to offer and where they are located at.


You may be very familiar with the personal side of Facebook, but there is also a business side to the website that will allow you to send out news, information, specials, etc. to your followers that will give out the needed information for the products or services that are being promoted. By utilizing these tools that are available through Facebook, you will be able to reach a larger number of individuals who may have been unreachable.


Twitter is available for use, but this social media tool should be used for only the most important news that the owner of the company needs to get out to their followers. You should use Twitter more sparingly than any of the other social media tools. You should also consider any information that is important for a particular day could also be sent out to your followers through Twitter. You should primarily use Twitter for the purpose of getting out a small piece of information to a substantial number of individuals in a very short period of time.


Pinterest is a social media tool that is primarily utilized to catch the viewers attention through the use of images. An exceptional visual image of the product or service that is being promoted or offered by the company will catch a viewer’s attention in a shorter time period than will any amount of text. You should use the best of the images that you have for this social media tool to have the best outcome possible through the use of the images.