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Online Local Listing Services

Online customers are not all that different from shoppers and service consumers who go to a brick and mortar store or office. All consumers expect to find the products and services are as advertised, quality and choice, pricing and excellent accessibility and customer service.

There are some major differences in the way Online shoppers behave and in their expectations, however. This means that your Online reputation must be absolutely spot on at all times. Your critical information must be updated the second you know changes are coming. Also, you must know who has been advertising your business as a public service, even though their services are independent of your marketing and promotional plan.

Local Listing Marketing Amarillo

Why are accurate Online listings important for my business?

A survey found that over 80% of shoppers in the United States use the Internet to connect with local businesses. If you are not listed online, you’re not being found by the majority of your potential customers. 

What is harder to know, is how your customers are searching. When you have accurate Online listings across the world web, you are accessible, no matter where your customers are searching.

Internet shoppers need to find the right information about your business immediately when they search for service or products. Routinely updating consistent listings help your businesses show up in primary places on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How can I make sure my listings are accurate everywhere?

All Online businesses are accountable to other Online businesses keeping the information streaming accurately. Advertisers that connect the Online shopping force to the commercial website owner, must have up-to-date information, always.

Trip Advisor, Facebook, Yelp, Google, LinkedIn, and dozens of consumer connection websites know that customers prefer to engage with online services and product vendors with instant pathways to exactly what they search for.

According to the Local Search Association, and the YP, Online vendors who do not update their address, phone numbers, URLs, and business hours lose customers and potential clients immediately. Those looking to engage with your business but cannot on their first attempt, they'll simply move on to the next business easily accessed.

What if my listings are inaccurate on other sites?

Fifty-five percent of active consumers do not tolerate being re-routed or sent to a site that has out-of-date or bad information. Your unattended advertising site will be hit with a flood of negative ratings, complaints, and reviews on sites like Yelp. Five Dog Solutions can help start repairing the potential damage of your reputation.

This is why many sites such as Yelp promote a question, "Do you own this site?" They are asking for updated information because you have had some recognition on the Internet. Your customers may search on sites you do not pay for, but they need to find the right connect info.

Twenty-seven percent of consumers don't bother with shopping at a website without customer reviews, testimonials, or proof of good customer service. They scroll past your site when looking for products that have realistic reviews detailing proof of product ownership and relationship with customer service.

If your business information is inaccurate on other sites, there are a few ways to fix them. You could go to each site individually and manually update each listing, but doing so not only takes a lot of time, it isn’t guaranteed to work.