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Off-Site SEO in Amarillo | Five Dog Solutions

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Amarillo

Five Dog Solutions utilizes a number of avenues to grow your company's online presence.

Online Digital Health Audit

Five Dog Solutions knows that the integrity of your company’s online presence is of the utmost importance. Maximizing your targeted demographics is a must in today's highly competitive market. Five Dog Solutions begins by examining your current website, social media, and local listings and identifying any marketing holes. It is a priority of Five Dog Solutions to ensure your company is not only on the Internet but is also promoted efficiently and effectively with every relevant search. Take the first step toward realizing your company’s online potential by filling out our contact form and coming into our office for a free one hour assessment of your website and online marketing presence.

Five Dog Solutions uses social media profiles to increase your online SEO.

Your company's social media profiles are just as important to your online presence as your company website. If your social media profiles are not built with your website performance and search engine optimization in mind, then your potential customers will not be able to find you on any social media. Five Dog Solutions builds your social media profiles with a very specific goal of having all of your company's social profiles show up on the first page of Google's results along with your website.

Google Business Pages / Creation or Update

Five Dog Solutions realizes the importance of Internet exposure. Google Business pages offer an air of legitimacy and professionalism that is rivaled only by the promotion that your company will access through having and maintaining a healthy presence on Google Business pages. The staff at Five Dog Solutions are committed to securing the health of your company’s identity by taking advantage of all the services that Google Business pages offer. By generating and renewing interest in your company via communities of interest, ensuring that your company is promoted under local listings, making certain of accurate map tagging, and maintaining up-to-date website content, Five Dog Solutions will help your company maximize your online potential.

Facebook Company / Creation or Update

Five Dog Solutions recognizes the need for steady promotion and compelling content in your company’s approach to online marketing. Facebook is an excellent forum for such activity. Five Dog Solutions will make sure that your company is easily located, and your page has engaging composition that clients will desire to revisit. Five Dogs will engage people through the employment of careful and thoughtful promotion of your company to Facebook members not only by creating and maintaining a worthwhile page, but also through targeted applications of relevant and up-to-date links that Facebook users will use to navigate to your other online sites.

Twitter Account / Creation or Update

Five Dog Solutions appreciates the benefit of timely and time-sensitive advertising. Your company’s effective presence on Twitter allows Five Dogs to implement a strategy for grabbing immediate and measurable results through the use of up-to-the-minute promotions. By addressing potential clients with real-time events, Five Dog Solutions will generate excitement that will produce immediate results among your targeted patrons. Better still, once the promotion runs its course, what is left behind is an accurate and measurable data trail that allows your company to verify the benefits of this vehicle of publicity.

LinkedIn Account / Creation or Update

Five Dog Solutions values your company’s professionalism. LinkedIn is the ideal location to convey to your clientele that your business is legitimate and meant to be taken seriously. By generating a polished profile for your company, Five Dogs begins the process of adding a substantial identity for your company to a web-based community of businesses and individuals who appreciate the importance of the integrity of your company. To further illustrate your company’s dedication to such ethical standards, Five Dog Solutions will create LinkedIn profiles for employees from upper management down, endorsing the skills and performance of your company’s employees. Five Dog Solutions knows how valuable it is to maximize your company’s presence on LinkedIn, your company will then have more widespread exposure than before.

Five Dog Solutions uses analytics to find where you can build your SEO and online presence.

By using these and other analytical tools, Five Dog Solutions will be able to dig down into the performance of your website and will be able to determine what areas of the website need to be worked on. If there are areas that are doing really well, such as a particular service or product, then Five Dog Solutions can work with you can create a plan to add more content about that product or service or maybe even run a campaign and give away something to drive even more traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

Five Dog Solutions leaves nothing to chance. In order to be certain your company remains on the cutting edge; we gather and analyze data that Google Analytics collects about the traffic your websites and social media garners. By using the in-depth and current information provided by this service, improvements may be made to immediately target any areas which are not realizing their full marketing potential. Five Dogs maintains our commitment to promote your company in the most effective ways, using the most thorough and modern techniques.

Google Webmaster Tools

Five Dog Solutions doesn’t stop with analytics and positive feedback. In order to acquire a more complete picture regarding the overall success of your company’s Online presences, Five Dogs monitors the problem areas that arise with any technology. From errors to unwelcome malware data, Five Dogs will police the technical aspects of your company’s web health. Webmaster Tools also allows Five Dogs to verify the effectiveness of SEO keywords that have been used to attract the greatest number of relevant web searches. You can be assured that Five Dog Solutions will make sure that every aspect of your Online marketing strategy remains effective and cutting edge.

Online Trending Analysis

Five Dog Solutions won’t allow your company’s Online presence to grow stale, irrelevant and not engaging. By using Online trending analysis, we remain vigilant in following changing trends. Knowing that the interests which dominate web searches today will rapidly alter, Five Dogs keeps our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing interests of the public. With that in mind, the longevity of some web interests will also be monitored and considered when generating continued support for your company’s Online identity. Regional and demographic perspective is just one more aspect of the information we use to market your company most effectively. No aspect of Online trending analysis will be neglected or forgotten by Five Dogs when it comes to the health of your company’s Internet endorsement.

Five Dog Solutions uses mobile marketing to build your online presence.

Mobile marketing allows your company to be found by individuals who may be looking for your website through one of the map applications or through one of the local listing websites. You do not want to take the chance of missing out on selling your products or services to a new or returning customer because they were unable to find your company. Five Dog Solutions works to make sure that your company can be found through all of these local listings including the maps.

Google Maps

Five Dog Solutions won’t allow your company to remain in obscurity. Google Maps is a Geo-tagging system that Five Dogs will use to verify and maintain an accurate Online location for your company. The importance of the application of this simple concept is not to be taken for granted, as anyone searching for the physical location of or contact information for your company must be able to find the correct data. Five Dogs will not overlook these seemingly less important aspects of your company’s marketing, making certain that people are able to acquire and maintain contact with your company as quickly and easily as they should be.

Bing Maps

Five Dog Solutions will make certain that all formats are considered for compatibility when advertising your company’s Online presence. No operating system should be overlooked when considering the marketability of your company, and Five Dogs will make certain that non-Apple driven technology is included in your company’s marketing profile, by making certain that Bing maps is established and maintained with your company’s accurate information.

Apple Maps

Five Dog Solutions will also not neglect to include the mainstream systems when creating and maintaining your Online presence. Apple driven technology will be featured in your company’s marketing profile, and Apple maps will be an accurately established forum for your company’s information. Any relevant web search will yield accurate results regarding your company location and data.

Local Listings

Five Dog Solutions will not overlook smaller forums of advertisement for your company. Being found easily is a key component to your company’s ability to generate and maintain interest on the part of web users. Local listings are of absolute importance in being found by people who require more than a web site to engage your company. Five Dogs will establish and maintain an accurate presence for your company’s data on several local listings, including, but not limited to:







Bing for business

Yahoo for business

Google Places






Apple Map




By employing the services of these and other local listings, Five Dog Solutions will ensure that your company profile is found by any relevant Internet search.